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Ethernet Standards

Ethernet Standards

These are the different Ethernet standards available.

  • CAT5

    • Speed 10/100/1000MbE

    • Support up to 100Mhz

  • CAT5e

    • Speed 10/100/1000MbE

    • Support up to 100Mhz

  • CAT6

    • Speed 10/100/1000MbE10GbE

    • 1000MbE over longer distances,10Gb over shorter distances (10metres)

  • CAT6a

    • Speed 10/100/1000E10Gb/100Gb

    • Support up to 500Mhz,10Gb over longer distances (100metres)

  • CAT7

    • Category 7 is the informal name for "Class F" cabling defined by a different standards body than Cat. 6a and lower. It supports frequencies up to 600Mhz and may support the upcoming 100GbE standard.

  • CAT7a

    • Category 7a is an upcoming standard that allows frequencies up to 1000Mhz. Supported Ethernet bandwidths have not been defined.

Ethernet Standards

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