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Server and Networking

Server & Networking

TCS can provide your business with expert advise to set up or upgrade your network.

Initially we consult you to identify your IT network requirements, evaluate your specific deployment goals and pinpoint any network upgrade or migration needs you have, in order to meet your business goals.

Our services include full IT network upgrades, migrations and support along with following features: monitoring; changing network configuration; configuring firewalls, routers and switches; network troubleshooting and software support and upgrades. Our network upgrade and modification service involves the planning, design, implementation, and maintenance of your IT infrastructure to support automated needs, such as operating systems, applications software, platforms, networks, servers and printers.

Net Access

TCS can supply, install and configure all major manufacturers of Servers, switching and associated network devices. We can provide technical support and remote assistance if need be.

We can provide different levels of server technologies for different requirements and budgets

Blade Servers

Capacity of up to 16 server & storage blades of mixed configuration.

Supports many RAID types, redundant power supplies.

Blade Server


Storage Servers

Storage server


Small/Medium Size Business Servers

Small / Medium Sized Business Server



Micro Server


Anti Virus and Spam

Asset Management

Office / Site Relocation

Project Management

Server and Networking

Server Virtualisation