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Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

Less than 50% of Businesses have an effective Disaster Recovery Plan

Does your business have an effective IT Disaster Recovery Plan ?

What would be the impact on your business if you lost your IT function for 1 day, 1 week or 1 month?

Does your insurance cover your business for a Disaster ?

Common approaches to the subject of Disaster Recovery are :-

"It won't happen to us"

"We'll cross that bridge when we get to it"

"We don't have a budget for Disaster Recovery"

Short Term Disaster - 1day to 1week

Data Corruption

How long will Data Restoration take, how often does your administrator test this failure scenario?

Network Failure

What provisions does your company have in place?

Power Loss

How long will your UPS give IT Business Continuity?

Server Failure

What Server Failure solution does your business have in place?

Telecoms Failure

In the event of external Telecoms failure what support agreement do you have with your telecoms provider?

Theft of IT Equipment

Do you have a solution for this scenario?

Virus Attack

Do you have AV / Spam Solutions in place?

Medium term Disaster - 1week to 1 month

Minor Fire Damage

What impact will these scenarios have on your business situation and have you a contingency plan?

Telecoms Failure

Virus Attack

Long Term Disaster - 1month +

Major Fire Damage

Do you have a Business Continuity Solution for this scenario?
Does your corporate insurance cover you for loss of earnings, many policies require your business have a Disaster Recovery Plan in the event of disaster?

Disaster Recovery Solutions from TCS

TCS can offer Disaster Recovery Solution for your Business encompassing analysis of all aspects of your systems and procedures.

  • Initial Business Assessment

  • IT Infrastructure Assessment

  • Outline Business Exposure

  • Design System Improvements & outline benefits.

Useful Disaster Recovery Links

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